Twitter List

The Fandom (@FandomNet): The Fandom tweets about upcoming movies and books as well as characters, ships, and new information regarding fandoms new and old.

Fan Art (@AmazingFanArt): Takes submissions of fan-made artwork and shares it with the world through twitter.

Project Fandom (@ProjectFandom): Shares recaps of what is happening in all kinds of fandoms and chooses a blog per week to tweet about that has things on it such as art, fiction, etc.

The Geekiary (@TheGeekiary): Advertises fan projects and provides updates to fandom news.

Fandomania (@Fandomania): Fandomania is a blog and weekly podcast all about TV, movies, gaming, comics, and all the best in geeky entertainment.

Wil Wheaton (@wilw): “do i need to give this a description”

Anglophenia (@anglophenia): “British Culture with an American Accent.”

Wolf Gnards (@WolfGnards): “Nerding pop culture. Impress your friends and family by RTing me… often.”



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