To Reboot or To Continue

There is always pros and cons when it comes to rebooting, or continuing an existing movie franchise. Some reboots work out, like The Amazing Spiderman, and Freaky Friday. Others get a very negative reception such as, Carrie, Hercules, and Footloose. There is occasionally the option to continue an existing series. Since Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars there has been plenty of discussion regarding how it is going to be handled. Their decision to involve Joss Whedon, was accepted positively by fans. Jacob wrote about how he feels about the reboot of Star Wars.

Tell me how you guys feel about reboots and continuations.


Supernatural: Bloodlines

The time is approaching for the new spin-off from Supernatural to premiere. All the episodes airing so far have been leading up to this. Fans will be introduced to the main character and his situation in Supernatural’s next episode. Get ready by watching the trailer on Entertainment Weekly’s site. The episode airs 8c/9 on the CW in the southern US, check your local listing for more information.

The Battle Begins

Since the beginning of fandom there has been those who think one fandom is better than another and wish for a way to prove it. Ways to decide upon such things have come up but none as big and popular as MTV’s Movie Awards. It is that time of year again when fans can go online and vote for their fandom’s movie, main character, fights, kisses and more. There was the four year span whenn Twilight won all the awards, and some believe it is The Hunger Games’ turn. Who will win this year? The hobbit or Hunger Games? Or perhaps those worthy of Academy Award nominations. Go and decide for yourself!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Deserves Some Love

It has been a while since I shared some fan art that caught my attention. About a  month ago The Fandom News shared an image of the day depicting the main character of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Karou, and her mentor, Brimstone. The artwork was done by Calivel on DeviantArt. The series, written by Laini Taylor, has received lots of praise for the first book and its sequel Days of Blood and Starlight. The final book in the series, Dreams of Gods and Monsters is highly anticipated and will be released on April 8, 2014. The story is like nothing else out there today and if you haven’t read it but have a fancy for the supernatural then you should definitely look into it.


If any of you have any book or art recommendations then let me know in the comments below!

TFIOS Fandom Has Been Busy

Even with The Fault In Our Stars movie premiere being a bit far away, the fandom itself has been busying themselves with fanfiction, art, and expanding their fandom’s reach. Since the unveiling of the trailer for the movie there has been an increase in art depicting the main characters. There is a clear picture now of what they look like and the fandom has taken that and expanded upon it exponentially . The Fandom News has joined in the melee by choosing to share TFIOS artwork for their ‘artwork of the day’ for February 17th.

Share any TFIOS artwork you’ve seen in the comments below!