The Gooey Centers aka Supernodes

“I heard it through the grapevine,” a statement that has never been quite as true as it is today with the instant spread of information in today’s media services such as Twitter, Tumblr, and even here on WordPress. While everyone has some wealth of knowledge to share, there are those that are at a centering of the information traffic. Fandoms have a multitude of supernodes, celebrities like self-proclaimed fanboy Orlando Jones who “Trolls” on Twitter and Tumblr as Trollando Jones. Will Wheaton, known for playing Wesley Crusher on Star Trek, interacts with fans through his Twitter and as of late is joining in joking with them through photoshop creations where his thumbs up is placed in random locations. John Green is a supernode on Tumblr. While he does indulge in some plugs of his books, he also joins in conversations regarding important issues and is more than willing to get to know those who are interested and willing to ask him questions. Some blogs here on WordPress that share relevant fandom information include The Fandom News who are also on Tumblr and SF-Fandom who cover lots of science fiction and fantasy news. All these supernodes have networks that fans are a part of. When they share something with us we in turn pass it on and so on and so forth. Supernodes can be the beginning, middle, or end of information but above all, they are necessary for the continued thriving of fandoms. We, the fans, learn what we need to from them and get to know them along the way!

Feel free to interact with the supernodes in your fandoms or communities, you never know when they’ll respond and you’ll become a supernode yourself.


Fanfiction Gets All Kinds of Opinions

Anna von Veh recently commented on fanfiction and all its little parts that make it good for business. When I read her post I felt it was so well written that I wanted to expand upon it by sharing varying analysis on fanfiction, viewpoints in support of her opinions discussed in the post and those opposing. Fanfiction’s acceptance is growing and will only serve to help those in business, academics, and personally.

The Teen Wolf Fans Are Not Happy

Every fandom has those fans that feel so strongly about something that has happened on a show, in a book, or movie that they want to tell everyone about how upset they are. They put forth effort to try to get others to be unhappy alongside them. The Teen Wolf fandom is no exception. Recently Tyler Posey received a huge amount of backlash for expressing his views towards the ship Sterek. Lady Geek Girl goes into more detail about the severity of things expressed (trigger subjects mentioned) and has posted video of the interview that started it all. As a turnaround though, fans started the trend #Poseytivity on Twitter tonight to lighten the atmosphere.

Tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf caused an uproar as well. Writer Jeff Davis decided to include a personal scene with a very popular character Stiles and a previously featured character Malia. In addition to sending hate to Davis, some viewers have also decided to direct their negative opinions of the character Malia towards the actress who plays her, Shelley Hennig. Instead of letting the naysayers win, a great amount of the fandom have been counteracting their actions by sharing sweet, positive views on Hennig’s acting and character on Tumblr and Twitter.

Just for clarification, all Twitter and Tumblr links are tags and the results seen will vary based on time accessed. Feel free to go deep within and see the changes in opinions as time elapses.