Fandom. There’s a multitude of fandoms that span throughout the internet across sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, DeviantArt and Livejournal. This blog is going to explore the culture of fandom such as the writing, artwork, and movements that develop from within. Fandom is continuously evolving and while I plan on sharing its changes, I am also going to look back on its beginnings and when it grew to have such a large media presence. Those who this blog will most appeal to is not only fans but, those who want to learn more about the culture in order to further it, whether it’s someone who’s never been involved in a fandom, or someone who wants to share their contributions to a wider audience and needs help with where things grow outward to reach so many. While looking for other blogs that could contribute through a blogroll I’ve realized there isn’t one very similar to mine. While I want to share updates about happenings in fandoms, I also want to share artists who aren’t as well known but have beautiful creations, and stories that bring out emotions. This blog is nothing you’ve ever seen before, please immerse yourself accordingly.


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