The Gooey Centers aka Supernodes

“I heard it through the grapevine,” a statement that has never been quite as true as it is today with the instant spread of information in today’s media services such as Twitter, Tumblr, and even here on WordPress. While everyone has some wealth of knowledge to share, there are those that are at a centering of the information traffic. Fandoms have a multitude of supernodes, celebrities like self-proclaimed fanboy Orlando Jones who “Trolls” on Twitter and Tumblr as Trollando Jones. Will Wheaton, known for playing Wesley Crusher on Star Trek, interacts with fans through his Twitter and as of late is joining in joking with them through photoshop creations where his thumbs up is placed in random locations. John Green is a supernode on Tumblr. While he does indulge in some plugs of his books, he also joins in conversations regarding important issues and is more than willing to get to know those who are interested and willing to ask him questions. Some blogs here on WordPress that share relevant fandom information include The Fandom News who are also on Tumblr and SF-Fandom who cover lots of science fiction and fantasy news. All these supernodes have networks that fans are a part of. When they share something with us we in turn pass it on and so on and so forth. Supernodes can be the beginning, middle, or end of information but above all, they are necessary for the continued thriving of fandoms. We, the fans, learn what we need to from them and get to know them along the way!

Feel free to interact with the supernodes in your fandoms or communities, you never know when they’ll respond and you’ll become a supernode yourself.


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