Wikipedia: A Doctor Who Exploration

While looking for a page to edit on Wikipedia I decided to go to the Fandom Wikipedia, which needs some edits of its own, and on to one of the links from there. Since there was a link to the Doctor Who page under Whovians I decided to go into the Doctor Who Wikipedia page and see it it needed any edits. At the top of the page Wikipedia makes it clear that it does. So I went through and picked the first thing I wanted to change or assist with. It turns out that that is quite difficult when their manual of style is somewhat complicated when worked upon in-depth and yet easy on the surface. When I initially went to the page to see if anything needed changing or citation I figured that not much would need to be done, mainly because Who is so old and has so many fans. Unfortunately for the page there was a lot of work to be done. I began by adding sources where needed. Although it is some work to go through and add support to statements, it does not make sense that a writer would take information from a site and add it to the Wikipedia page but leave out where they got it from. Citing where it came from when you’re the original writer should not be so difficult. If someone has difficulty citing it correctly, like I did during my first try, then look it up or don’t add anything at all. The first citation I tried and seem to have succeeded at adding was for the statement that the “Celestial Toyroom… is the longest running fanzine for Doctor Who.” To support that I found a site that may not be distinctly reliable but, backs up the statement. The one thing the page was not lacking in references was redirects to the Wikipedia pages of famous people and celebrities that are fans of Doctor Who. When viewing the section of “Celebrity Fans,” all that can be seen is a multitude of blue colored names. Most likely referred because adding a link to another Wikipedia page is the easiest thing when it comes to citation in Wikipedia’s manual of style. One main problem is that not everything within the page can be fixed. In the music of Doctor Who section there is a statement that artist Mitch Benn’s album Radio Face has a Doctor Who song titled . The writer added a Wikipedia page redirect to the album but,  it does not exist. Ironically, all of Mitch Benn’s albums except Radio Face have their own Wikipedia pages. Also, some statements are worded in such a way that even when searched for on Google, their information cannot be found. There is a comment that a fanzine artist and his fan club faded away. I have no idea where it came from and it sounds like an opinion. Wikipedia refers to it as original research which is something that is not allowed on Wikipedia pages.

Since we are all a part of Fandom, look up one of your favorites’ pages and see if its a fixer upper. If you can, and are willing to, go through the journey of trying to add citations.


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