Season Renewals, Spin-offs, and Pilots Oh My!

The time has come again for our beloved shows to be told their fate. Fandoms have waited with bated breath to find out if the feels will continue, or if the axe is coming down to kill their happiness. Thankfully shows such as Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, Arrow, The Originals and more are continuing on. The Collective Diva wrote about her satisfaction with the renewal of Supernatural and Arrow. In addition to the cast’s excitement that she writes about, there has also been plenty of fan celebration as well.  My Tiny obsessions shared her joy about the news. The Collective Diva also comments on the upcoming spin-off that has been picked up, Supernatural: Bloodlines. Supernatural: Bloodlines will be based in Chicago and be primarily focused on supernatural families of werewolves and shapeshifters along with the hunter that’s out to get them. It is one of many pilots that are expected to do well this year. Other pilots to be on the look out for are Fox Network’s Gotham, The CW’s Arrow spin-off The Flash, and  NBC’s Constantine. There is also an overhaul of superhero shows on their way and Unreality Magazine shares what they know about them. Gotham is going to be done similarly to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a centering on back story and characters other than the main superhero, but with the exception of DC universe continuity throughout the films and show, while Marvel’s new shows with Netflix will stay in its preexisting universe.

It’s not all super-things that have been renewed or are coming soon though, The Big Bang Theory was recently renewed for 3 more seasons as was 18 other CBS shows. Fox’s Glee will go on to have its sixth and final season and looks to be continued primarily in New York with focus on the main characters of Kurt, Rachel, Blaine, and Sam, a decision that has received mixed reactions and spurred plenty of Fan Fiction. Syfy has in the works a new show, Ascension, that has all the bits necessary to make it an old school Syfy show. Syfy’s Being Human was cancelled and Helix will stay in limbo since it recently premiered. Staying with Syfy though it Continuum, and Warehouse 13’s final season.

With all the new and returning shows this summer and fall the fandoms will have plenty of reasons to stay busy talking, blogging, writing, and drawing.


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