Heroic Struggles and Some Villain-y Love


There has been a lot of heroes in the media lately from movies  and television shows that are more flawed than those typically seen. Miriam Joy speaks on the heroes that have lots of negative attributes  or issues and their accompanying villains that the fans love, sympathize with, and somehow become obsessed with. While the post is quite old, I though it was relevant considering trending shows and movies have these type of characters featured. Marvel is releasing and has recently release quite a few new movies that feature deeply flawed heroes. Mainly Iron Man 3 that featured Tony Stark with a post traumatic stress disorder following the events of The Avengers. Thor without any issues at all personally in the second movie, and yet Loki has all the issues mentioned in Joy’s post as well as feeling unloved by his mother and being so emotionally distraught and contained in a cell until he is taken out when needed by Thor. Vulture compiles all the love that Loki has seemed to get from critics. In the latest Star Trek movie the villain Kahn drew plenty of sympathy while Captain Kirk made a multitude of mistakes. Kahn was aggressive, dangerous, and yet his people were in danger. He killed a man, but he was made for killing the first place.

Television’s heroes have new things to deal with and yet they also have some loved and much wanted villains. Teen Wolf’s new villain is Stiles, who was previously the sidekick, although villain may be to strong of a term. Stiles would most likely be considered the big bad of this season 3b since he’s being possessed by the actual villain, the Nogitsune. The fans love him though, if the livetweeting and liveblogging that goes on when dark!Stiles appears is anything to go by. The general consensus is that he is hot and the fans want more and less all at once. On Supernatural the overall villain has always been Crowley, and even though he’s the king of hell the fans still love him. He has qualities that make him a quality character, his sarcasm, resourcefulness, and his new found antithesis, Abbadon who is much worse than him. The heroes of Supernatural are Sam and Dean, even though as they’ve stated, they aren’t heroes. Sam has especially been riling up fans with his latest opinions and actions. Mainly how he has been in regards to Dean, but he’s still doing the job with his brother. Hunting things, saving people, the family business. The most well known villain of the show Sherlock is Moriarty. He’s sadistic, snarky, murderous, and somehow quite lovable. He makes the viewer feel sad for him even while he’s telling Sherlock to fall off a roof. At the end of the latest season of Sherlock Moriarty appeared on the screen with the line “Did you miss me?,” that was answered with a resounding “YES!”

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