I’m BACK!!

So this summer was way crazier than expected, and because of that this blog couldn’t be resumed as planned and promised which I’m so sorry for. Thankfully, everything isn’t nearly as hectic and I plan on being back full time.

Let’s get this thing started with Supernatural…

First things first, I’m sure many of you have been waiting excitedly for Supernatural to come back and to find out what it would be bringing in for season 10. Well, we are in for a wild ride. Not only is Demon! Dean here to stay for at least a few episodes but, THERE’S A MUSICAL EPISODE!!!! We’ve waited long enough and so they have finally decided to give it to us. No false information here, it has was revealed by executive producer Jeremy Carver and has been confirmed by both Jensen and Misha. To say fans are dying to see it would be an understatement.

The trailer

has brought all kinds of questions and fanfictions to light. We can see the hunt for Dean, his Demon habits of drinking and sex, and a potential hint at the musical-ish episode as Dean sings karaoke in a bar. I hope you guys are ready, because i’m not sure I am.

Tune in to the season premiere of Supernatural on the CW  Tuesday, October 7 at 9/8c .


To Reboot or To Continue

There is always pros and cons when it comes to rebooting, or continuing an existing movie franchise. Some reboots work out, like The Amazing Spiderman, and Freaky Friday. Others get a very negative reception such as, Carrie, Hercules, and Footloose. There is occasionally the option to continue an existing series. Since Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars there has been plenty of discussion regarding how it is going to be handled. Their decision to involve Joss Whedon, was accepted positively by fans. Jacob wrote about how he feels about the reboot of Star Wars.

Tell me how you guys feel about reboots and continuations.

The Fault In Our Fandoms

“It’s a metaphor.”

There is always some sort of trend that Tumblr clings too, overuses, and warps it so much that it becomes unrecognizable. It happened with Selfie Olympics, the Doge meme, and all those photos of innocent children making faces that were shared across the internet. Fandoms can sometimes have phrases or quotes that they become known for, Mean Girls has “Boo, you whore,” Perks of Being a Wallflower has “And in that moment I swear we were infinite,” or arguably “We accept the love we think we deserve.” The Fault In Our Stars is in the midst of a hostile takeover, by fans and trolls alike. An unaware blogger made a remark about the scene in the trailer that has Gus putting a cigarette in his mouth but not lighting it, he says “it’s a metaphor see, you put the killing thing right between your teeth but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.”  They commented that he was pretentious and how he was horrible for giving money to cigarette companies and it spiraled from there. The meme and its reception want so far, and got so bad that anger and hatred was taken out on the author, John Green. Katherine recently wrote about bullying towards authors and pointed out the instance that has occurred with John Green. In addition to the meme causing abuse towards the author, it has also created an increase in those who dislike the book, and will be avoiding the movie. There are plenty of people who have actual, personal reasons why they strongly dislike the book, but there are others that are just jumping on the bandwagon or judging the content based on a widespread meme. S. Palmer is against the book for her own reasons. Unfortunately some do not have any reasons at all, they only hate The Fault In Our Stars because social media is telling them it is cool, or fun, to do so. Having read the book myself I think the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover,” should be applied here. Don’t judge the movie based on a meme, at least judge it by the trailer, although trailers have led many viewers away from promising movies before. Don’t judge the book based on a small quote and a large troll population’s actions.

Supernatural: Bloodlines

The time is approaching for the new spin-off from Supernatural to premiere. All the episodes airing so far have been leading up to this. Fans will be introduced to the main character and his situation in Supernatural’s next episode. Get ready by watching the trailer on Entertainment Weekly’s site. The episode airs 8c/9 on the CW in the southern US, check your local listing for more information.

Classic Cartoons

Most of you that are reading my blog are probably at the age now that you can remember having watched cartoons at a young age, cartoons that are no longer airing today. I have fond memories of…








Catdog, Doug, Hey Arnold

,hey arnold

Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo,

Flintstones, Dexter’s Laboratory, Tom and Jerry


Scooby Doo, Jetsons, Rugrats, Rocket Power, The Wild Thornberrys,

Chalkzone, Invader Zim, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and many many more.


powerpuff girls

These shows represented an era for many. They provided understanding on issues that younger kids were dealing with while providing good entertainment. These shows tackled issues such as fear, disability, feminism, foreign encounters, and mental disabilities. Theresa Romano discusses the change from these classics to today’s cartoons on the The Mary Sue . She discusses the transition Cartoon Network has gone through from having quality shows to their current attempts to only satisfy the few with quick attention grabbers. She also comments on how fans have tried to bring back shows that have gotten axed from Cartoon Network. The network has a continued tendency to cancel shows with large fan bases who love their shows so much that they will do all they can to have it continued. Ironically the few shows that have succeeded in gaining a continuous long run on Cartoon Network such as, Adventure Time and Regular Show, are termed as having a nostalgic feel similar to the original shows on the network and it seems that that is the reason why they are so loved. Brett Hallahan wrote on The Sqlog about Nickelodeon’s cartoons’ demise. He believes the reason for their downfall was the introduction of Disney Channel which involved live-action filming with teenagers who lived though varying adventures. While there were good things to come out of Disney Channel and their teenager shows, they also seemed to lose the same values that had been displayed in their shows and the cartoons on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. All that we have left to day is barely hanging remains of great shows that were once aired, and one can only hope that these networks will redeem themselves and bring great shows filled with well thought out life lessons back to the forefront of television.

The Gooey Centers aka Supernodes

“I heard it through the grapevine,” a statement that has never been quite as true as it is today with the instant spread of information in today’s media services such as Twitter, Tumblr, and even here on WordPress. While everyone has some wealth of knowledge to share, there are those that are at a centering of the information traffic. Fandoms have a multitude of supernodes, celebrities like self-proclaimed fanboy Orlando Jones who “Trolls” on Twitter and Tumblr as Trollando Jones. Will Wheaton, known for playing Wesley Crusher on Star Trek, interacts with fans through his Twitter and as of late is joining in joking with them through photoshop creations where his thumbs up is placed in random locations. John Green is a supernode on Tumblr. While he does indulge in some plugs of his books, he also joins in conversations regarding important issues and is more than willing to get to know those who are interested and willing to ask him questions. Some blogs here on WordPress that share relevant fandom information include The Fandom News who are also on Tumblr and SF-Fandom who cover lots of science fiction and fantasy news. All these supernodes have networks that fans are a part of. When they share something with us we in turn pass it on and so on and so forth. Supernodes can be the beginning, middle, or end of information but above all, they are necessary for the continued thriving of fandoms. We, the fans, learn what we need to from them and get to know them along the way!

Feel free to interact with the supernodes in your fandoms or communities, you never know when they’ll respond and you’ll become a supernode yourself.

Wikipedia: A Doctor Who Exploration

While looking for a page to edit on Wikipedia I decided to go to the Fandom Wikipedia, which needs some edits of its own, and on to one of the links from there. Since there was a link to the Doctor Who page under Whovians I decided to go into the Doctor Who Wikipedia page and see it it needed any edits. At the top of the page Wikipedia makes it clear that it does. So I went through and picked the first thing I wanted to change or assist with. It turns out that that is quite difficult when their manual of style is somewhat complicated when worked upon in-depth and yet easy on the surface. When I initially went to the page to see if anything needed changing or citation I figured that not much would need to be done, mainly because Who is so old and has so many fans. Unfortunately for the page there was a lot of work to be done. I began by adding sources where needed. Although it is some work to go through and add support to statements, it does not make sense that a writer would take information from a site and add it to the Wikipedia page but leave out where they got it from. Citing where it came from when you’re the original writer should not be so difficult. If someone has difficulty citing it correctly, like I did during my first try, then look it up or don’t add anything at all. The first citation I tried and seem to have succeeded at adding was for the statement that the “Celestial Toyroom… is the longest running fanzine for Doctor Who.” To support that I found a site that may not be distinctly reliable but, backs up the statement. The one thing the page was not lacking in references was redirects to the Wikipedia pages of famous people and celebrities that are fans of Doctor Who. When viewing the section of “Celebrity Fans,” all that can be seen is a multitude of blue colored names. Most likely referred because adding a link to another Wikipedia page is the easiest thing when it comes to citation in Wikipedia’s manual of style. One main problem is that not everything within the page can be fixed. In the music of Doctor Who section there is a statement that artist Mitch Benn’s album Radio Face has a Doctor Who song titled . The writer added a Wikipedia page redirect to the album but,  it does not exist. Ironically, all of Mitch Benn’s albums except Radio Face have their own Wikipedia pages. Also, some statements are worded in such a way that even when searched for on Google, their information cannot be found. There is a comment that a fanzine artist and his fan club faded away. I have no idea where it came from and it sounds like an opinion. Wikipedia refers to it as original research which is something that is not allowed on Wikipedia pages.

Since we are all a part of Fandom, look up one of your favorites’ pages and see if its a fixer upper. If you can, and are willing to, go through the journey of trying to add citations.

The Battle Begins

Since the beginning of fandom there has been those who think one fandom is better than another and wish for a way to prove it. Ways to decide upon such things have come up but none as big and popular as MTV’s Movie Awards. It is that time of year again when fans can go online and vote for their fandom’s movie, main character, fights, kisses and more. There was the four year span whenn Twilight won all the awards, and some believe it is The Hunger Games’ turn. Who will win this year? The hobbit or Hunger Games? Or perhaps those worthy of Academy Award nominations. Go and decide for yourself!

Iron Man 3 and Marvel’s Fandom As It Enters Phase 2

It’s no secret that the fans of the Marvel Universe are large and widespread. There a lots of fandoms dedicated to comic books and their movie adaptations. Although none are as diverse as Marvel’s fandom. Since the release of Iron Man 3, a continuation of laid out storylines of Iron Man and the Avengers, the fandom has grown and now includes even more who can relate to his struggles. Rose F., details her connection to the character and how it has strengthened as his current issues with PTSD arose. She digs into his self image hindrances and identifies with overcoming such a disability.

Some fans like to share their views and connections to the film through other methods, such as the Youtube channel How It Should Have Ended. They typically make alternate endings to large blockbusters and the video for Iron Man 3 caught the attention of blogger Nat B of tfgeekgirl.

Other fans have created fanfiction to get the endings or happenings that they were hoping to see but did not make it into the movie. There was controversy regarding Marvel’s portrayal of the badass villain The Mandarin, those who disagreed with the executive decision to change his character altered their own universes where all was well and followed how things went in the comics. Fans who loved the film also created fan art. Unam-et-solum recreated the movie poster.

Overall the fandom was satisfied with Iron Man 3. Mark Bousquet gave a spoiler filled review that is quite balanced on how well Iron Man 3 did when compared to expectations, hype, and a need to be better than the previous movies in the series as well as The Avengers.  Another reviewer was Imrahn Hamid. He shares others’ opinions regarding The Mandarin, saying he was “underwhelming.” There are some people who are surprised by others feeling disappointed with Iron Man 3. As seen below,  Allen Tan certainly is.

Ty Burton feels divided.

The Mandarin appears as a centering point in whether fans liked Iron Man 3 or not. Iron Man 3 fans who were either happily surprised or let down by The Mandarin. Some are now hesitant about future Marvel Movies, namely the upcoming Captain America: Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron. I think it’s boring when you already know the ending, so here’s to hoping there’s more plot twists in the future as Marvel enters Phase 2.